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Aaron Kumana death. Not from a long time illness

Aaron Kumana's death was not from a long-time illness as claimed by some of the international and local media reporters. His death was...

Aaron Kumana Set for FUND RAISING

Fundraising Launch, Support Kumana's 5 Recommendations.

A fundraising to support Kumana’s 5 Recommendations

http://aronkumana.blogspot.com/2010/05/aaron-kumanas-5-recommendations.html was launched after Kumana signed a first appreciation certificate to a sponsor from the US. The

certificate known as “Common Face” will be given to individual sponsors who like to help support the 5 Recommendations.

“ISATUNA ISUMATANA” translated in Kumana’ own language –
“Common Face” which gave himself to identify the face of himself and the president JF Kennedy which appeared in magazines, posters, TV or movie without confusing him. That’s why the common face is adopted for the certificate.

After his death (4 year ago) family members formed a committee to carry out his 5R’s. This committee did not work as all these committee members were scatted around the country.

This year 2017 Kumana’s grandson came to rescue again to
support his grandfather’s 5R’s .

With the small amount money donated from the friends oversea we started a Aaron Kumana (AK) rest house and a piggery project. This process may help us support the AK 5R’s.

HELP US TO RESCUER THE 5 Recommendations (5R's).

For more information's and wish to support the 5R's.

Contact: Rellysdom Aaron Malakana

Mobile: 677 7611354

Email: kumana.aaron@gmail.com

Family Photo's

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Community gathered to celebrate 4th day of Burial

After the 4th day of the burial, relatives, friends and community will gather for a very special event. This is the time the burial site will be arranged with flower bed and the site will fill with gravels. A small hut may build to remind them that the decease is protected from the weather.
After that the family may host a small feast for everyone to mark the occasion.
The site is waiting for another occasion that is building the permanently site. The family will prepare for that occasion. Contributions will be asked from relatives or anyone which to support. Another occasion will be after 1 year.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kumana usually waved the flag of USA before and after the special events/occasions

Kumana and wife received gift from family memebers

Once a year the community usually celebrated the mothers and fathers days. This was the time Aaron and his wife received special gifts from their grandchildren daughters, sons and relatives. Such events were prepared by village elders.

There are others who cannot involve because they lived and work on the other urban centers.

During their holidays, Aaron Kumana and his wife have a special mother’s and father’s day. They have that special because they are the oldest people in the community.

Before kumana’s wife died a special gathering took place which involves all her sons and daughters. This is the time Kumana announced how he got Amelia Laela his wife.

3 of his daughter

4 of his sons

The rescuer beside his wifes burial site

And kumana's inlaws

Some of the grandchildren

Kumana and his son's and daughters beside the burial site

After the burial of his wife and for their first time Aaron Kumana and his Sons and daughters pause for a picture at his wife grave site. From R – L: Front, with Cap, the eldest Son Chief Remond Sore and John Koloni Middle, Eldest daughter Violet Care and Hetty Bea is holding their father and beside Aaron Alesasa. Standing, JF Kennedy the youngest son, June Tama, Marylyn the youngest in the family and Graham Dick with cap

Church elder place flowers on the coffin

Kongu Women's group sang songs to the fineral site

The Late Amelia Laela (Aaron Kumana's wife)

Aaron Kumana's grandson's escorting the coffin to the burial site