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Aaron Kumana death. Not from a long time illness

Aaron Kumana's death was not from a long-time illness as claimed by some of the international and local media reporters. His death was...

Aaron Kumana Set for FUND RAISING

Fundraising Launch, Support Kumana's 5 Recommendations.

A fundraising to support Kumana’s 5 Recommendations

http://aronkumana.blogspot.com/2010/05/aaron-kumanas-5-recommendations.html was launched after Kumana signed a first appreciation certificate to a sponsor from the US. The

certificate known as “Common Face” will be given to individual sponsors who like to help support the 5 Recommendations.

“ISATUNA ISUMATANA” translated in Kumana’ own language –
“Common Face” which gave himself to identify the face of himself and the president JF Kennedy which appeared in magazines, posters, TV or movie without confusing him. That’s why the common face is adopted for the certificate.

After his death (4 year ago) family members formed a committee to carry out his 5R’s. This committee did not work as all these committee members were scatted around the country.

This year 2017 Kumana’s grandson came to rescue again to
support his grandfather’s 5R’s .

With the small amount money donated from the friends oversea we started a Aaron Kumana (AK) rest house and a piggery project. This process may help us support the AK 5R’s.

HELP US TO RESCUER THE 5 Recommendations (5R's).

For more information's and wish to support the 5R's.

Contact: Rellysdom Aaron Malakana

Mobile: 677 7611354

Email: kumana.aaron@gmail.com

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eroni Kumana sets for email fundraising appeal

Aaron (Eroni) Kumana comes from Lale Village Ranogga Island.
Attended (Older age) Methodist missionary school before the WWII.
He is believed to be 88 this year.
After the WWII, he was granted permission from his uncle to secure a piece of land which during that time more indigenous said to be a place of evil spirits.
With some of his cousins they established a small community known as kongu village.
He is a committed person who did a lot in a very small village of about 10 people. More committed to grow coconut palms especially for him who also involved with the early missionaries.
And then finally he established the Methodist church in his community.
During the British protectorate rule, one of the developments established during his early days was the trading of foreign goods. This demand’s Kumana and his small community to plant more coconut palms.
Kumana allocated more areas because of his enthusiasm to help his family, community and the church.
Kumana is still alive without his cousins, but he still has that same spirit thinking to help his community. Today total up to 150 families now living in Kongu. With the total population of about 1000 and the establishment of clinic and primary school this demands Kumana to think of helping his community. He announced this to his community that he would seek help from Americans.
Until today, the community is eyeing the hero who rescues the 35th president of America.
Year after years nothing happened, this makes him so low that he is planning to reject over sea visiting friends. Although he had that plan but he loves the Americans (He said). Finally, he thought of sending his 5 Recommendations to the Kennedy family USA.
Now Kumana and his grandson plan out for the email contact fundraising appeal for his 5 recommendations. You may donate any amount you like to give.
Contact Email is - kumana.aaron @gmail.com 
or Hon, Danny Kennedy (American Local Business man), Gizo Dive adventures sport Gizo.