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Aaron Kumana death. Not from a long time illness

Aaron Kumana's death was not from a long-time illness as claimed by some of the international and local media reporters. His death was...

Aaron Kumana Set for FUND RAISING

Fundraising Launch, Support Kumana's 5 Recommendations.

A fundraising to support Kumana’s 5 Recommendations

http://aronkumana.blogspot.com/2010/05/aaron-kumanas-5-recommendations.html was launched after Kumana signed a first appreciation certificate to a sponsor from the US. The

certificate known as “Common Face” will be given to individual sponsors who like to help support the 5 Recommendations.

“ISATUNA ISUMATANA” translated in Kumana’ own language –
“Common Face” which gave himself to identify the face of himself and the president JF Kennedy which appeared in magazines, posters, TV or movie without confusing him. That’s why the common face is adopted for the certificate.

After his death (4 year ago) family members formed a committee to carry out his 5R’s. This committee did not work as all these committee members were scatted around the country.

This year 2017 Kumana’s grandson came to rescue again to
support his grandfather’s 5R’s .

With the small amount money donated from the friends oversea we started a Aaron Kumana (AK) rest house and a piggery project. This process may help us support the AK 5R’s.

HELP US TO RESCUER THE 5 Recommendations (5R's).

For more information's and wish to support the 5R's.

Contact: Rellysdom Aaron Malakana

Mobile: 677 7611354

Email: kumana.aaron@gmail.com

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Aaron Kumana's grandson explains the remaining AK’s fund.

A total of approximately US$3,502 + was received from individuals and organizations from the United States. With these funds a passbook was opened and most of these funds were used for transportation project. And the reserved US$1,800 was allocated to build another required, larger dugout canoe.

Another SBD$9,000. was later received from our national member, Hon Charles Sigoto for the AK (Aaron Kumana transportation project. This donation was received by Kumana's sons, who later divided the money among themselves without notifying their nephew Rellysdom – the project coordinator. As a result plans are being made to invest reserve funds. A discussions continuing.

Rellysdom also explained two remaining appreciation certificates that are signed by Aaron Kumana will be sent to those who would like to make a donation in support of AK's 5 Recommendations

Aaron Kumana's closest relative raised critics as family members said to demolish AK's house.

More of Aaron Kumana's closest relative are raising criticism over plans by his sons to demolish his home. The critics have also blamed his sons for using the 75% of donated funds for their personal use. And now the critics are alleging that only 25% of the donation was used to build Aaron Kumana's home, leaving the building of the home uncompleted.

The criticism arose after it was learned that Kumana's sons are planned to demolish the house because it was unfit to accommodate people. But his grandson, Rellysdom Aaron Malakana, said that the idea to demolish the house did not come from the committee established after AK's death and that he was unaware of plans to demolish the home. He stated that he is hopeful that discussions between the committee and family members will result in the preservation of the home, as well as other collectibles belonging to his grandfather, so that his spirit will kept alive.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eroni Kumana’s grandson, Rellysdom, dismisses rumours that Kumana’s youngest son, J.F. Kennedy, is planning to sell some of his father’s belongings to a businessman

Some of Kumana's closest relatives are saying that his son, Kennedy, is ready to hand over these items without informing the entire family members. But some of the grandsons say that their uncle, J.F. Kennedy, once mentioned that these items had been requested by a businessman, but that he had been told by the family not to give them out.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aaron Kumana Asked His Grandchildren To Support His Five Recommendations

In the weeks before he died Aaron Kumana asked his grandchildren to financially support his 5 Recommendations.

In a small gathering with his grandchildren during Mother's Day, he said that for almost a decade he has been seeking financial support from overseas but few are generous with donations. He challenged his grandchildren to tolerate his promise to help his community.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Aaron Kumana death. Not from a long time illness

Aaron Kumana's death was not from a long-time illness as claimed by some of the international and local media reporters. His death was a shock and a surprise which our community did not expect.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Aaron asks every mother to be young and enthusiastic.

A surviving rescuer of President J F Kennedy and PT 109 crews asked every mother in his community to be young. His message during the mother’s day celebration on the 11th of May highlights commitment and demand mothers to have the enthusiasm in the family and community.  He said that everyone should be younger in spiritually, mentally and physical.

Aaron Kumana who has just received greetings from the USA said that he is always young when he received gifts and greetings from them. 

Aaron Kumana who is in his late 90’s delivers his message also to encourage fathers to reflect back; who is a wife and mother in the family. He asked every mother including their husband to listen to each other. “Listen is a main campus that directs each one to love, success and commitment. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Aaron Kumana signed an appreciation certificate, Dalio foundation.

Aaron Kumana signed his appreciation award to Dalio foundation for the donation of US$3,000 +. The donation was part of the contribution towards transportation project.

Aaron thanked the organization for supporting. Especially the mothers who were very, very happy to see that the donation will help them, supporting them by providing transport, transporting their crops to Gizo market and visit the hospital.

AK also thanked his grandson for coordinating the task. He appreciates that the work is continuing, started with the dugout canoe. AK also thanked Rick and wife for their generous support for the kind donation. He said that such donation is from their heart.