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Aaron Kumana death. Not from a long time illness

Aaron Kumana's death was not from a long-time illness as claimed by some of the international and local media reporters. His death was...

Aaron Kumana Set for FUND RAISING

Fundraising Launch, Support Kumana's 5 Recommendations.

A fundraising to support Kumana’s 5 Recommendations

http://aronkumana.blogspot.com/2010/05/aaron-kumanas-5-recommendations.html was launched after Kumana signed a first appreciation certificate to a sponsor from the US. The

certificate known as “Common Face” will be given to individual sponsors who like to help support the 5 Recommendations.

“ISATUNA ISUMATANA” translated in Kumana’ own language –
“Common Face” which gave himself to identify the face of himself and the president JF Kennedy which appeared in magazines, posters, TV or movie without confusing him. That’s why the common face is adopted for the certificate.

After his death (4 year ago) family members formed a committee to carry out his 5R’s. This committee did not work as all these committee members were scatted around the country.

This year 2017 Kumana’s grandson came to rescue again to
support his grandfather’s 5R’s .

With the small amount money donated from the friends oversea we started a Aaron Kumana (AK) rest house and a piggery project. This process may help us support the AK 5R’s.

HELP US TO RESCUER THE 5 Recommendations (5R's).

For more information's and wish to support the 5R's.

Contact: Rellysdom Aaron Malakana

Mobile: 677 7611354

Email: kumana.aaron@gmail.com

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kumana Recover from Mourning after Family Built his Wife’s Permanent Burial site.

It is part of our culture to build a permanent burial site for the dead relative after 1 or 2 years.

Before that occasion takes place a husband or wife or beloved once will be mourned.

By doing this a person may absence from cutting or combing his/her hair or shaving his beard etc.
This is to show respect/love to the dead person.

Aaron Kumana, since he lost his beloved wife, he never cut his hair for almost 2 years.

“I suppose not to comb my hair also, but due to unexpected visitors coming, then I want to comb my hair, this is to show my respect to tourists, this is for hygienic purpose, but I won’t cut my hair, this is to show my respect to my wife who left me.

The occasion brought relatives and friends to build his wife’s permanent burial site. 

The planning for this occasion was supposed to be last year 2012. Kumana demanded that this won't take him 3 years, but this year 2013.

During the occasion Kumana cut his hair, which means his grieving will no longer control him.

Kumana said, he has now recovered from mourning the loss of his wife.

He also thanked his USA people for requesting him on the boat for 1 or 2 days that also contributed to ease him.  

Moreover is his friend/son, Hon. Danny Kennedy and his wife Kerry Kennedy who continuing supporting him. 

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